Every year from 2010 through 2020, I attended the Geek Bowl, a massive pub-quiz-style trivia competition hosted by Geeks Who Drink. I started attending at Geek Bowl IV, and started writing detailed recaps as of Geek Bowl VI. The Geek Bowl went on a hiatus after 2020 that seems to have become permanent.

Here are the recaps:

1. Geek Bowl VI
2. Geek Bowl VII
3. Geek Bowl VIII questions & answers
4. Geek Bowl IX questions & answers
5. Geek Bowl X questions & answers
6. Geek Bowl XI questions & answers
7. Geek Bowl XII questions & answers
8. Geek Bowl XIII questions & answers
9. Geek Bowl XIV questions & answers

You can also find all the posts by searching on the geekbowl tag.