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Since I started posting to this blog in 2004, it had no real title — its name was what LJ gave it by default, which was my username. I could never think of any name that I really wanted it to have… until now. As of today, this blog is officially rechristened >SUPERVERBOSE.

As some of you may know, my IF page is called >VERBOSE, since that’s both my writing style and one of the first commands I tend to type in an IF game. The old Infocom games had three levels of verbosity: VERBOSE, BRIEF, and SUPERBRIEF. These commands would control how much of a room description you’d see when traveling through the game world. Wouldn’t it be cool, though, if there was a SUPERVERBOSE? Not only would you get to see the full room description every time, you’d also get lengthy explanations of where the game objects came from, discursive asides about NPC histories, extensive screeds about the game author’s political views… well, maybe it wouldn’t be so cool after all.

Instead, look no further for your superverbosity fix. Since the majority of posts on this blog are in my verbose writing style, and they tend to be about superheroics, >SUPERVERBOSE it is.


Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer


Angel Season 3


  1. Hee hee. You’re such a nerd. Also, your L songs are coming, eventually. Also, I really really really wish you lived here, because a local theater is having a Buffy sing-along. For 12 bucks you get to sing along to “Once More with Feeling” and you also get a goodie bag that includes, among other things, a little monster finger puppet, I assume of the Grr Argh! variety. This occurs August 10th and 11th in case you might somehow be able to swing a trip out here. I’m there, dude!

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