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FF Spam

Every few days, I have to delete a new spam comment from my review of the first Fantastic Four movie.


I mean, okay, I can envision some kind of spam-posting robot that looks for LJ entries about topics that might be popular right now and places a spam comment there. But I also have a Spider-Man 3 review sitting out there, which even has the advantage of not being 2 years old. Yet no spam on that one. (Not that I’m hoping for it!) I am confused.


Spider-Man 3


Heroes season 1 finale


  1. Anonymous

    Maybe your FF review was linked to from somewhere fairly prominent, and your Spider-Man review wasn’t?

    • Huh. I like that idea, of course, but if it’s true, I never heard about it, and neither has Google. (Of course, the Google link: search isn’t exactly definitive, but it’s the only one I know about.)

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