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Launchcast lyrics reloaded

It had been a couple years since the last one, so I decided that the time had come again to make a CD from my Launchcast station. Here, for your enjoyment, is another lyrics quiz to go along with it. There were 19 tracks on the CD — I’ve excerpted a lyric from each. The songs this time are, I think, a bit better known on the whole than the last batch. Guess as many as you like.

1. Smiling faces I can see / But not for me
2. Her good looks could’ve sailed a ship / But her will alone could’ve sunk it
3. When words mean nothing, I’ll be here singing
4. Spread the facts on the floor like a fan / Throw away the ones that make you feel bad
5. Everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon (jackbishop)
6. Baby you could never look me in the eye / Yeah you buckle with the weight of the words (kansasjenny)
7. Like a pillar of cloud, the smoke lingers high in the air / In fascination, with the eyes of the world, we stare
8. You saw me and you shut the door / And it only made me love you more
9. It must be the curse of the age/ What’s taken is never renewed (soul_diaspora)
10. Took my sweet time when I was bitter
11. I know the difference between wrong and right / Don’t make no difference in the middle of the night
12. I’m gonna turn that whiskey into rain (joenotcharles. Well, his wife, really. :))
13. I go to church on a Sunday / The vows that I make / I break them on Monday
14. A corner of your lips / Is the orbit of your hips
15. I stepped out of Mississippi when I was ten years old / With a suit cut sharp as a razor, and a heart made of gold
16. We may not know how or when / But don’t you wanna know why?
17. I had a brother at Khe Sanh / Fighting off the Viet Cong / They’re still there, he’s all gone (kansasjenny)
18. Would your eyes, like midnight fireflies / Light up the trenches where my heart lies?
19. We got to close our eyes / Cut up our losses into doable doses / Ration our tears and sighs


Fish in Boulder, 6/12/08


Answer time!


  1. #12 is Tori Amos – Big Wheel (my wife got that one)

  2. I have the vaguest feeling I know #1, but I can’t seem to actually pull a name out of the air.

    #5 is Pink Floyd’s “Eclipse”, though.

  3. 6. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
    17. Born in the USA

    I am also stuck on number 1. This is fun!

    • I cheated and googled number one because it was bugging me. But I won’t say it.

    • Ding! Ding! Correct on both counts. The station actually played somewhat off-kilter versions of each, too. SDMHA was the Tom-Petty-only version from his “Playback” box set, and Born In The USA was live from the 1975-1985 box set.

  4. Okay, so I know it’s been two weeks and you’ve posted the answers already (which I haven’t read), but I’ll reply anyhow:

    9. It must be the curse of the age/ What’s taken is never renewed

    Midnight Oil, River Runs Red

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